Recovery of VAT from EU countries

Recovery of VAT from EU countries

According to changes from January 2010 each company, which operates within the European Union and receive invoices with included VAT, goes into facilitated VAT refund regime of already paid VAT. We offer consultations for each case, planning and organizing the actual procedure for refund of paid tax. Most companies that have VAT registration may use this service. Of course the rules for VAT refund are different in each country, so we recommend you to contact us in order to discuss your case. The deadline for submitting requests to the corresponding tax office is 30-th of September of calendar year following the year when the refund right has occurred. The period when the competent authorities refund VAT on the basis of received requests is of 3-8 months. The period for which refund, the VAT is the calendar quarter and / or calendar year. The request may relate to a period shorter than calendar quarter only if this period is a remnant of the calendar year.

There is no commission without refund

We offer to our customers to estimate the calculated VAT absolutely free and without any obligation to use our services. If they authorize us to refund VAT, our commission will be formed on the basis of successfully refunded VAT. Refund VAT from 41 countries for a wide range of costs. Definitely you can refund VAT in each country member of the European Union and some countries outside it, depending on agreements between countries. For example, if your company is registered in Bulgaria, you can refund VAT from all countries from the European Union but also from Canada, Iceland, Macedonia, Norway, South Korea and Switzerland.

What kind of costs and services

  • Transport costs
  • Expenses for participation in exhibitions and conferences:
    • Food, lodging, representation expenses
    • Expenses for advertising and promotional activities
    • used professional services

These are part of costs, for which are able to be refund VAT by companies registered on the EU territory.


Pricing options for this procedure are:

  • - 5% of the refund not less than 300 BGN In each case
  • Upon agreement


1. "Princeps" Ltd. reserves the right to conclude contracts other than above prices.

2. All prices are in Bulgarian leva not including Value Added Tax (VAT).