About us


In the contemporary dynamic business environment of a rapidly changing legislation in Bulgaria, of increasing legal requirements and unfair competition it is extremely important to choose the right business partner in the sphere of book-keeping services. This partner should guarantee safety for Your business. To help You and to assist You in making decisions. To inform You about changes in the requirements of legislation and economic conjuncture.

We can offer You the complete cycle of services, connected with finances and book-keeping of Your organization and t the same time You can be sure about correct and confidential processing of the information. Make of a business plan with the purpose to define precisely Your intentions and ideas about any new or already existing company. It serves also for a presentation of Your firm in front of definite circles. Basic components in a business plan are a current and a prognosticated report for incomes and expenses as well as an analyses of the cash flows. Planning Your activity helps You to find and well distribute the resources in the company, to cope with some unforeseen situations as well as to take right management decisions. A good business plan is a critical part of any application for a credit because of the fact that it contains important specific and organized information about Your company and about the ways You will pay back to Your creditors. Not on the last place by the means of business planning You can inform Your employees and Your suppliers about Your aims and needs.

Our employees have an excellent academic training and a solid length of service in various companies. We are well-read in spheres such as book-keeping and control, law, planning, prognostication, finances, information technologies.All these give us the opportunities to take fast and adequate decisions, which will fulfill and develop Your ideas.

Realization of a quality consultative business is a combination of multiple various acknowledgements. In our daily round many corporate problems occur and they come from various spheres of the business. The basic purpose of our company is to satisfy completely the needs of our clients and exactly because of this fact we always offer concrete variants for solving of the respective problem.