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Why should you choose us

Why should you choose our accounting services?

The profession of the accountant is one of the most responsible, difficult and prestige all over the world. His job means processing and classifying enormous amount of information. He has to find the most appropriate form to present it in a suitable way to its consumers who are mainly managing staff, financial institutions, investors, statistical and tax authorities and others. The responsibility that is placed upon the accountants is paramount and one their mistake can lead to wrong management decision, bad credit image, low trust, tax losses and sanctions. All this makes the profession extremely difficult and requiring high education and professional experience. Each company's accountant should rejoice in the management team's trust and respect for he is one of the few people obliged to know the business in detail and acquainted with all its secrets. Once he lost trust, he can not perform his duties fully.

In Bulgaria the accountant is confronting with the constantly shifting normative order and state administration. He saves a lot of efforts and lost time of the management team for following the law changes and corruption struggle. He also has obligations that do not fit in the classic notion of the profession.

The hardship to choose a qualified accountant faces every company. The consequences of a wrong choice may sometimes be very harsh. The problem should not be underestimated!

Why should you choose us? Use your own judgment. What we can add is that since we exist many people have chosen us but none have regretted their choice.

The services that we offer are: subscription accounting attendance, annual closure of accounts, drawing up annual tax declarations, drawing up annual tax returns by VAT law, VAT registrations, drawing up and filing Intrastat declarations, filing information to National Income Agency (NIA), drawing up labour contracts, consultations in the area of accounting and taxes, etc.