• Civil law: law consultations regarding civil - law matters; protective procedures; drawing up notary deeds, letters of attorney, certificates, invitations and render support at the notary
  • Family and legacy law: divorce cases; alimonies; origin, wills, legacy, property sharing (voluntary and judiciary)
  • Trade law: registration, transformation and cession of trade companies and sole traders; transactions with business enterprises; issuing contracts under the Trade law and legal consultations regarding transactions; authorizations including authorizing prosecutors, trade commissioners and assistants, trade representatives and agents
  • Law of estate: establishing and transferring real right on real estates, imposing recoupments as well as signing long-term rent contracts. Property arguments, sharings, presence of scanty real rights claims for ownership
  • Contractual law: drawing up contracts (purchase - selling contracts, contracts for construction, rent contracts
  • Labour law: drawing up labour agreements, procedure representation in court when labour cases are presenting regarding dismissal, laying off, recoupments and arguments about the Penalty Code
  • Administrative and tax law: appeal against administrative deeds; public orders, consultation, preparing documents for participation, arguing the decisions of a assignee of public order; appeal against penalty decrees, consultation in the sphere of tax law
  • Procedure representation